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Contemporary style

Consider these the cute little sister to our full sized Retros. With 44 petite Retros in a pack you can print more memories than you can shake a stick at. So versatile, these can be used for anything from homemade cards, to desk decorations!


General Dimensions: 6.2 cm x 7.1 cm
Units per pack: 44


Styling Petite Retros

Unleash Your Creativity

Weekend Do: Start A Photo Wall

Another Idea For Celebrations

Vintage Style Wall Collage

Polaroid-Style Wall of Memories

Embrace Your Inner Artist!

MORGAN OF MorganCrawford SAYS:

"These petite polaroids are the perfect way to get back in touch with "real life" photographs. They are like mini-memories that I can display in my home. I like to make wall collages with them or pop one or two on my inboard to make me smile. They're a great addition to any scrapbook too. They make for super cute gifts for your friends and family and the "polaroid" style really is an original touch! They're just so lovely."